learning and teaching strategy

As part of its overall purpose to support the University’s mission and strategic objectives,
CiCS aims to play its part in achieving the University’s aspiration ‘to ensure that the highest
standards of excellence are maintained within the student learning experience’ (University
LTA Strategy).
More specifically:
CiCS will seek to play a ‘catalytic’ role to enable the University to provide the best
possible learning experience for its students by encouraging and supporting the
effective use of technology and space.
The University has articulated its vision to be a world leading University that produces
distinctive graduates. The purpose of this document therefore is to align those CiCS
objectives that affect the student experience with those of the University; and to support
and influence the policies, processes and strategies elsewhere that also seek to contribute
to this aim.
CiCS has always played its role in support of learning and teaching at this University, mainly
through the delivery of technology and spaces. However, the context in which these are
delivered has changed quite significantly over the last few years. New collaborative and
interactive technologies have emerged and have become the dominant model for many
forms of interaction, and alongside these there have been similar developments in the
thinking about how learning spaces work and teaching might be delivered. The Information
Commons being a ‘concrete’ example.
In light of this, and so as to provide direction and impetus to the work of CiCS in this area,
this current document describes a framework to be used to develop the support for
learning and teaching provided by CiCS. In doing so it describes areas of work and roles
that are also in the domain of other departments within the professional services as well as
academic colleagues and formal processes of the University.
The intention is not to suggest that CiCS is the only or dominant contribution in any of the
areas mentioned (although it may be in some), but more to map out the areas in which CiCS
currently makes a contribution and where this should be increased or otherwise developed.
In this way it hoped that this document will also facilitate collaboration and alignment with
other departments working in this area.


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